Colorado Property Acquisition

Relationships with Real Estate Pros

At Full Circle Builders, we have formed partnerships with real estate professionals that are experienced in the construction industry. They think like a designer/builder which enables them to listen to a client’s wants and needs and locate the perfect property to renovate or home-site to build on.     

New construction home-sites

At Full Circle Builders, we have assisted many clients evaluate and acquire the perfect home-site to build their new home. Working with a builder early in this process can help bring to light certain challenges with a build location as well as unforeseen cost that can affect a final budget. After some consultation and gaining a complete understanding of what a client is looking for in a home-site we can assist you in locating the perfect build site as well as evaluate each location in respect to:

  • Is the site buildable?
  • What is best build location on site?
  • Acquiring and reviewing a soil report
  • Utility availability
  • Driveway access
  • Utility laterals
  • Fire mitigation
  • Well and septic
  • Conveyance, controls and restrictions
  • Cost evaluation of site improvements   

We believe that with our design/build processes in place we bring the most value and quality to your project by being involved from conception to completion.   

Buy existing and renovate

If a new build isn't a good fit for you, we can assist in finding and purchasing an existing home in the neighborhood of your dreams and provide you with a redesign and renovation. We can help you find the perfect home in a mature neighborhood with good bones and architectural character and renovate it based on your wants and needs.

     Before a purchase, we can:

  • Create a new design and layout
  • Provide a base budget for renovation
  • Discuss time lines and schedules
  • Review financing

Whether it pop-top, addition, basement renovation, Kitchen/Bath renovation or all new flooring's and trim package; your new home will feel 100% your own custom creation when complete.